June 25, 2011

BzzAgent review: Laser Pegs Lighted Contrstuction 4 in 1 Power Kit by Laser Pegs

A few days ago, I received the Laser Pegs Lighted Construction 4 in 1 Power Kit by Laser Pegs.  This is the world's only lighted construction set and has been designated the winner of Dr. Toy's 10 best tech products as well as a top 100 toy winner.  I can definitely see why!

The Laser Pegs Lighted Construction 4 in 1 Power Kit is a 60 piece set.  It includes half 0 pegs, square  pegs, 90 degree pegs, wheel pegs, straight pegs, t-shaped pegs, two 4 in 1 power kits and two laser peg cords.  

Upon unpacking the set, it is tempting to just start constructing. STOP! It is very important to read the instructions for illumination. 

I was sent an AC adapter via BzzAgent but be mindful that the set does not include batteries nor the AC adapter.  Each power kit requires 3 AA batteries or the AC adapter to illuminate the pegs.

You can be as creative as you want.  The set comes with instructions to build a hang glider, sand rail, or star ship cruiser.  You can always go to the Laser Peg website to download instructions for more projects. I built my masterpiece with my daughter so naturally we decided to create a runway for her dolls to model in a fashion show. 


Ready for the Fashion Show


It took about 5 minutes to build and we literally played with this for two hours! I highly recommend for any child or adult who is young at heart.  The Laser Pegs Lighted Construction 4 in 1 Power Kit that I received typically retails for $40 but is on sale now for only $19.99 at Amazon.  I plan to purchase multiple sets to give out as gifts, I highly suggest you do the same.


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A Daily Dose of Grace said...

Wow - I think my boys would absolutely love something like this. I will have to check it out!

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