October 11, 2011

Donations Requested

Hi all,

My neighborhood block association is having a fundraiser for a snow blower. I am asking that my friends please donate at least $5.   The majority of the residents are senior citizens (women) and this would greatly improve their quality of life.

This is a very low income area and last year the elderly women were ticketed due to too much snow on the sidewalks.  We have recruited volunteers for the snow team for the actual snow removal but we really need help with the funds for the purchase. The total needed is $700.

Please consider donating now: Click here to donate

June 25, 2011

BzzAgent review: Laser Pegs Lighted Contrstuction 4 in 1 Power Kit by Laser Pegs

A few days ago, I received the Laser Pegs Lighted Construction 4 in 1 Power Kit by Laser Pegs.  This is the world's only lighted construction set and has been designated the winner of Dr. Toy's 10 best tech products as well as a top 100 toy winner.  I can definitely see why!

The Laser Pegs Lighted Construction 4 in 1 Power Kit is a 60 piece set.  It includes half 0 pegs, square  pegs, 90 degree pegs, wheel pegs, straight pegs, t-shaped pegs, two 4 in 1 power kits and two laser peg cords.  

Upon unpacking the set, it is tempting to just start constructing. STOP! It is very important to read the instructions for illumination. 

I was sent an AC adapter via BzzAgent but be mindful that the set does not include batteries nor the AC adapter.  Each power kit requires 3 AA batteries or the AC adapter to illuminate the pegs.

You can be as creative as you want.  The set comes with instructions to build a hang glider, sand rail, or star ship cruiser.  You can always go to the Laser Peg website to download instructions for more projects. I built my masterpiece with my daughter so naturally we decided to create a runway for her dolls to model in a fashion show. 


Ready for the Fashion Show


It took about 5 minutes to build and we literally played with this for two hours! I highly recommend for any child or adult who is young at heart.  The Laser Pegs Lighted Construction 4 in 1 Power Kit that I received typically retails for $40 but is on sale now for only $19.99 at Amazon.  I plan to purchase multiple sets to give out as gifts, I highly suggest you do the same.


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