December 09, 2010

No SANTA!? Shockingly, No

Most people think we are scrooges because we teach our daughter (3yrs old) that Santa is something fun to think about but he is just pretend, like the Easter bunny.  The first thing people say is, "oh, you have taken the fun out of Christmas!"

Nah, we don't think so. We have lot's of FUN!

While I focus our prayer time, bible reading and lessons this month on the birth of our Savior, I also incorporate other aspects of the season.

We make Christmas cards, bake, make homemade gifts, decorate, do crafts and even shop online together!

Every morning she wakes up asking what Christmas project we get to do today.  I can see the magic of Christmas season truly twinkle in her eye.  Today, I said we make a GINGERBREAD HOUSE!

1 comment:

hunnnydew said...

Great job! It certainly looks fun to me! Can I move in? ;)

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